NPay® - your helping hand to smooth out your cashflow

With NPay® you can extend payment terms on your Nutrien Ag Solutions merchandise, fertiliser and livestock invoices to coincide with your future incoming cashflow. This gives you greater control over your cashflow and peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

What is NPay®?

NPay is a Nutrien Ag Solutions financial solution that offers farmers flexible and convenient payment terms on merchandise, fertiliser and livestock invoices. Eligible customers can choose to accept NPay and automatically apply NPay to applicable invoices if payment is not received by the due date. With NPay, you have the ability to choose when you pay qualifying invoices within a 12 month period.

There are no setup fees or account keeping fees, just a monthly interest rate of 1% per month (12% per annum).

NPay is a new feature of the Nutrien Ag Solutions Digital Hub, so you can use the same login and trade account details if already signed up and simply accept NPay on your account when prompted.

Why use NPay®?

The seasonality of farming cashflow is not only affected by growing, producing and harvesting timelines, but also elements that are entirely out of your control.

Farmers can face short-term cashflow squeezes, making it tough to take advantage of opportunities when they appear. At times, we all need a little extra flexibility. For example, perhaps the recent floods impacted your profits last harvest, but all signs point towards a bumper harvest next season. But cashflow is tight. How are you going to fund the seed, fertiliser and crop chemicals you need now? This is where NPay can help.

With NPay, you could buy the inputs you need now, but pay for them later (within 12 months of the due date for those invoices). No need to talk to your bank manager - use NPay online, in your own time. It's that simple.

Even if you don't need it today, by setting up an NPay Account you will have flexibility at your fingertips, if and when you need it.

Accept NPay

How NPay® Works

Accepting NPay®

You'll need your Nutrien Ag Solutions
Digital Hub account details.

Please note we recommend activating NPay on a desktop device.

Login to Digital Hub

1. Accept NPay®
Login to Digital Hub, view the NPay offer, and accept NPay payment terms.

2. NPay® now available
Allow 24 hours for NPay terms to be applied to eligible invoices and any changes reflected in your account balance.

What are farmers saying about Nutrien?

NPay is designed with simplicity and transparency in mind. It offers flexibility to pay on your terms and suit your business cash flow.

Frequently asked questions

NPay is ideally suited for farmers that may require some occasional flexibility to take advantage of an opportunity or manage an unexpected event in their business.

You need to have an existing Account with us. You can then register for our Digital Hub that enables you to easily manage your Account with us online. Eligible customers will then be able to activate NPay using Digital Hub. If you do not receive an offer to use NPay, this may mean that you are not eligible. If you are not eligible but still want to use NPay, we recommend contacting your local Nutrien branch to understand more about eligibility.

Digital Hub enables existing Nutrien Trade Account holders to enjoy a simplified view of all accounts and finances with us. You can access your statements and invoices when you want, all in one place, and see what you owe and when.

No, NPay is not a loan. It is a payments extension facility for eligible Nutrien customers in Australia. NPay enables eligible Trade Account holders to extend the payment terms of their invoices with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

NPay can be used with livestock, merchandise and fertiliser products and services.

NPay cannot be used with insurance, wool, or water products and services.

NPay is designed for the customers of Nutrien Ag Solutions, which is the largest crop nutrient company globally. Nutrien is listed on both NYSE (NTR) and TSE (NTR).

Still looking to learn more about NPay?

Speak to your local branch to learn more about NPay and other Finance solutions available through Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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